Wine exploration in Italy part I°

Wine tasting has been an art since Greek times. The people from Greece, during their exploration in Italy had brought with them some of those tentacular, small plant that makes such delicious fruits. Since then the history of grape and wine has consolidated and many more grapes (local and imported from France) have enriched the wine culture of this country.

On October 2016, I have been travelling in an italian region famous for its wines and the old nature of their vineyards. I’m talking about Avellino region (Inner Campania) where at certain altitude and thanks to a particular ground, nowadays, many local companies guarantee some of the best italian wines production. We have been travelling through hills and mountains, rediscovering some of the most astonishing corners of the country. It’s difficult not to be impressed in Italy for how things go slowly, following a natural way of proceeding that is healthy and reinvigorating for anyone who experience it. In the footage posted on our FB page you will see some great pictures of such trip. The taste of the wine was amazing and everywhere I was going, people just welcomed me as if I was a lost friend that greeted back. From family to professional many vineyards excel in what they do, without fear of the market. The only thing that scares in these roads are the unexpected storms or too long periods without rain. For the rest, everything moves at same speed of the grape. It takes one year to make a decent wine. Many more for the greatest…