Hotsprings in Italy

When autumn arrives in Italy, few things are best to be done with friends and family. Above all this is the time for “vendemmia” (pick up of the grape) from all the vineyards located in the country. Depending on the variety of the grape, the location of the vineyard September is the month of wine celebration. In our wine tour section we offer several tours that during this time of the year can express at bet the quintessence of the magic of the wine. Autumn is also a season of relax for those soft afternoons that die in cozy brilliant nights. In this article we will tell you a bit more about the italian hotsprings and where to go for a total water knockout. Consider that many places are free and accessible to everyone but not all of them keep the real charme of natural baths. If you follow our list you will not do wrong as we have experienced before you the places we are describing.

Ischia: a small island in southern Italy. It’s located in the gulf of Naples situated in front of Naples and close to most famous Capri. Ischia has a volcanic heart with hotsprings all over the territory. The hot nature of this island allows many people to enjoy a relaxing holiday even in the coldest months of the year. A selection of hotels and excursions will allow you to spend some memorable time in hot baths, hammams and warm water pools while outside maybe is raining. To check out as soon as possible.

Fiuggi Terme: Abano is located in the center of Italy. It used to be a top location for italians during ’60 for those who wished to spend some time rolling over hot baths and have the comfort of being close to the cities. Half way between Rome and Naples, this small holiday place has something for everybody in a quite relaxing comfort situation. Abano today keeps the charme of a decadent town where to find precious jems of pure italian quality. Ask us for more information.

Chianciano: In the heart of Tuscany there are many places where to enjoy hot baths in a surrounding atmosphere of natural beauty. Please check out the page of Chainciano in the site to udnerstand mor about this peculiar spot in the center of italy.

Abano Terme: the elite of SPA in northern Italy. Nothing to say… italians here are well organized and have set an operating work system that allows to enjoy the hot baths in each moment of the year. Abano is a luxurious place where design and tradition meet at its peak. Comfortable hotels offer a selection of products to fulfill the dream of relax and health in well designed hotels of last generation. One above all the Mioni Pezzato SPA which we will reccomend to look at.

Montecatini Terme: in the Northern part of Tuscany lies another small center dedicated to the wellness of mind and body. Montecatini is located approx at the cross point of some of the most important towns of the area: Florence, Pisa and Pistoia. This strategiacal position has led for centuries the local parties to fight over this strap of land. Since Middle Age the sources talk about this miraculous waters that sprout form the fountains of this town. Receipts of ancient doctors reccomended patients to taste a drink this water of great talents. Nowadays we can admire a beautiful medieval center on a top of a hill. It is to be reached with the funicolare, the oldest one in Europe that will take you form the lower part to the historical center. Montecatini is a special place for architecture, nature and wellness. Contact us for more informations regarding the places to be hosted and things to do in town.