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Catania’s traditional horse meat can be rough for some, but whoever is brave enough to taste it, will discover a  delicious new delicacy. The city has a typical purple/grey aura which derives from the rocks taken from the volcano. This gives the city a peculiar atmosphere that will be unlike anything you have experienced.  The fish market and the Baroque Cathedral are two main attractions to check out during your visit of the city, both have seen trials and tribulations within a long history of political oscillation and socioeconomic upheavals, which today awards Catania with a natural enchanting atmosphere. Around the Etna volcano you will find small towns of unmatchable beauty, popping up one after the other as beautiful lillies. In these small towns you will feel the passing of time, the uncomplicated and simplistic lifestyle of the people, and the overall peaceful mood of the region. Have you ever wanted to time travel?  Well, if you visit Catania during the hot summer months, you will be given the impression that you have stepped into the beginning of XIXth century. Our tours provide excursions of these untouched, hidden and forgotten places…  It is up to you to decide whether or not you will lose yourself within one of these locations… for a few days… or for your entire stay! We invite you to come and fall in love with Italy.

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Catania is one of the oldest city of Italy.  It stands at the feet of the Etna volcano, and is one of the most populated cities of Sicily. Located on the eastern coast of Sicily, it was founded in the VIIth century BC by Greek populations spreading throughout the Mediterranean Sea. The city has a special "relationship" with the hovering volcano, which through the eras has several times shown its strength with eruptions and earthquakes, transforming the coastline of the region. Many diverse populations have inhabited Catania, and within our excursions we will uncover the contributions of  the inhabitant's past as we view the ornately beautiful buildings of the Normans, Angioins, Greeks, Romans, and the Bourbons.

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