Vatican Museum

Visiting Rome can be exhausting… Moving around the narrow roads or the Imperial ones, take the same amount of strenght and difficulty to not get run over a ferrari fan driver or simply the pickpocketers that cross the center looking for foreigners. This is one of the reasons why we accomnay our tourists to explore the city and its corners. We want happy people to enjoy the cultural guts that the city has to offer.

Entering the vatican museums is something I wish I had done long before august 2018. All the noises and brusies of the city are left outside the vatican doors when you enter the majesty of this museums that hold the secrets of christianity. Popes along the centuries were the greatest of all collectors. In miserable times during the Middle Ages when civilization seemed lost in the path of chaos and anarchy, the Church of Peter stood strongly against ignorance and selfishness. Nowadays we should thank those men to have saved the world cultural heritage of each one of us. The day was long in the museum: after exploring the roman artefacts (we will soon add a roman archeological section in our website), the visit continues with the masters of italian renaissance. It is easy for everyone to recognize masterpieces like the Sistine Chapel by Michelangelo or Raffaello’ rooms. Then you will pass in the geographical section where maps were drown to show where Christianity had arrived so far in those dark centuries of no-internet.