2018 is already a memorable year. ART is the true lady of 2018 and we are expanding our offer for our clients to enjoy every possible exhibition and museum available at the moment on italian ground.

It’s time to celebrate at the National Umbria Gallery, in the heart of Italy (Umbria is the green heart of Italy!) and we wish to take you there to discover part of european art history legacy that is hidden in this fantastic Gallery. 1918 – 2018 is 100 hundred years since the opening of the gallery and since then it has collected more and more pieces of art. Gentile da Fabriano, il Perugino, Beato Angelico and Piero Della Francesca are just few of the glorious names that have created the image of middle age as we recollect nowadays. Consider that these masters were engaged by the Church that at that time owned rights and money enough to allow such painters to work. If you have been to Tuscany you have to know that this… is totally another experience. Submerged by oak trees and olives, the wild nature of Umbria region is one of the few wild places still to be discovered in Italy. The enchanting castles like in a fairy tale and the silence of these enormous forests is the house to the masterpieces that we are about to discover togheter.



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This small town is the center of Umbria region in the heart of Italian country. Perugia is home to several universities, and is renowned for its student population that crowds the narrow streets of the medieval town all year long. The astonishing Etruscan Walls are just one of the many historical spots to be visited during one of our tours to Perugia. The city has warred and contended against the Vatican throughout the centuries. Today, remnants of this battle can be found in the bread… Why the bread? Because the Peruginis refused to pay the Church tax for salt, and they stopped using the salt in their bread. And for this reason, today people from this city still eat bread without salt in remembrance of the independence they pursued through such harsh economical battles. The city was built by Etruscans far way in the past approximately in the X th century BC and still today Perugia’s infrastructure (the main streets that was developed by Etruscans) are the same of the past centuries. Perugia is a pivotal and significant location to visit many other towns of this beautiful region. When is the best time to see Perugia? The Springtime! The enormous woods and forests all along the city are filled with blossoms of vibrant and animated flowers. One amazing “natural” show is in the Colfiorito Valley, where thousands of flowers blossom at the same time, offering to the visitors the impression of a rainbow in the valley. Colfiorito Valley is close to the town of Assisi, where Saint Francis used to pray.


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