We will organize on request tours for our guests throughout all of Italy to discover more of the spectacular and enriching art, culture, food experience that you will never find anywhere else in the world. Please check out our itineraries, and make sure to ask us for any possible customization. We are here to please you.

Day 1

Arrival in Rome Fiumicino Airport. Pick up with our tour bus and transfer to a Roman hotel for an overnight stay.

Day 2

Pick up with our tour bus and guide. After a short tour around the eternal city of Rome, we will journey towards the Vatican Museums and the St. Peter’s Basilica to discover the treasures of Christianity. We will have lunch in a special Italian “trattoria”.  In the afternoon, we will walkabout the city, stopping at the main sightseeing points: The Pantheon, Trevi Fountain, Piazza Navona, and The Colosseum… Then the bus will take us back to hotel.  You will have free time for dinner.  Be sure to ask us to book you a table at one of the best restaurants in Rome according to your palate.

Day 3

Morning pick up with our tour bus and guide.  Please have luggage in tow, as we are starting our journey to the South of Italy. As we venture towards Naples, we will have a stop along the way at the famous Montecassino Abbey. This place has been completely rebuilt after the World War II bombing by the American Army in the attempt to free the country of the Nazis. The place hosts some the world’s most extraordinary sculptures and golden artifacts from a millenial tradition of the monks. After this visit, we will continue our journey toward Naples where we will stop to check in at our hotel in the heart of the city. We will then have an afternoon discovery of the city by a walking tour. Naples, the capital of South Italy, as it is used to be called, holds many secrets to be unveiled by sharp observers. Are you ready to fall in love with the queen of South Italy? At night we will enjoy a meal at a well-loved seafood restaurant in front of the sea, celebrating with a glass of wine. After dinner, we will head back to our hotel for a good night’s sleep under the luminiscent Mediterranean moon.

Day 4

Pick up in the morning with the tour bus and guide to discover the mysterious Pompei, the city destroyed by the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79 AD.. We will spend the day in the ruins, then we will go to port of Naples to embark for Ischia Island.  Upon arrival, a bus will come to pick up the group, taking you to the hotel for check in. Before dinner, you are welcome to enjoy some of the relaxing hot baths that the hotel offers. The island’s thermal waters is renowned for its magical curing properties. You will end your day with dinner in the hotel and a good night of rest.

Day 5

Pick up with the tour bus and guide for the island tour. We will discover one of the hidden pearls of South Italy and some visually breathtaking corners of the island. At lunch, we will stop in a local vineyard where we will taste some local food. In the afternoon, we will visit the legendary 2000 year old Aragonese castle.  You will also have the option of  free time to walk around and shop. At night, we will head back to hotel for dinner.

Day 6

This day is dedicated to restorative beauty and relaxation. We will arrange a bus to take you to one of the many amazing OPEN SKY SPAS in the island, where you will spend a day of resting and relaxing amongst nature, hot thermal waters, and therapeutic pools, with an amazing backdrop of the Mediterranean scenery. In the afternoon, we will organize a massage for whoever desires or you can join in on the beach fun. We will close our day with a beachfront view of the radiant, lucent “one of a kind” Ischia sunset. Later, a bus will pick us up and take us back to our hotel for dinner.

Day 7

After two days of refreshing and relaxation, it’s time to leave Ischia and set sail towards the last destination of our travel.  You will be picked up from the hotel and taken to  the port where we will embark toward Napoli for the visit of the enchanted Amalfi coast. We will drop our luggage off at the bottom of the bus and proceed to a day long tour of the magnificent and breathtaking Amalfi coast. We will stop in Amalfi and Positano where you will be free to have a quick lunch at a local restaurant. In the afternoon, we will come back to Sorrento where we will check into our hotel. At night, you will have free time to discover the extraordinary landscape, steep slopes and magical center of Sorrento.

Day 8

After breakfast we will take the bus and go to Ravello, on the top of the Sorrento peninsula and we will enjoy the day there to discover a luxurious land of vibrant colors, so full of beauty and history. The amazing villa Rufolo and the quaint town will leave you speechless. You will be given the option of having a light lunch around the town, or you can ask our guides for recommendations of restaurants of varied cuisines. In the afternoon, we will visit handcraft artisans who will instruct you on the craftsmanship and traditions behind their art. At night, we have a special dinner party on one of the enchanting terraces over the gulf.

Day 9

It’s time to leave (sob!). Pick up from the hotel with our tour bus and guide.  Please have your luggage in hand. Final destination: Rome. We will stop and visit the Reggia di Casserta for a half-day discovery of the biggest castle of the world. Built in XVIIIth century, this castle has a huge park, which can be toured by walking or with small buses that will take you all around its vast lands. In the afternoon, we will stop by a designer outlet of Italian clothing brands, where you can enjoy some time for shopping. At night, we will arrive in Rome where we will spend the last night of our tour.

Day 10

Pick up in the morning. Destination: the airport. We hope that you have enjoyed your time here and we look forward to see you back soon. Remember, all roads lead to Italy. Arrivederci (see you soon in Italian)!

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Torn a Surrient… is the well-known song sung by the famous opera singer Caruso used to live in this small town on the rocky shores of the Amalfitana Riviera. Sorrento is the biggest island of the Amalfi coast towns and its character is well recognizable by the famous 5* and 4* star hotels that lay their shadows directly on the sea. The narrow streets of the town will welcome you with its loudy singing voices trying to sell you some local souvenirs. Within our excursions we will take you to one of the most famous liquor factory of the area. The typical limoncello (based lemon liquor) has its home here. Throughout the town of Sorrento and between the buildings huge lemon plants grow, casting a yellow color to the streets and environment during certain times of the year. From Sorrento we will visit the Amalfi coast, and you will feast your eyes on the enchanting Ravello and the seaside’s colorful islands of Positano and Amalfi. This is a place of enriching Mediterranean beauty and balance among plants, olive trees yards, vineyards, lemon gardens and the small dark rocks that derive from the deep blue of the sea. As one of the most suggestive and romantic spots of Italy, Sorrento is a place to visit at least once in lifetime. Just imagine… gazing at the moon from one of our suggested restaurants, or listening to some Neapolitan live music… how about taking a boat to discover the the waters around Sorrento and Capri island. Let us show you Sorrento.


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The whole island of Ischia is an “open air” SPA. The overall good health and wellness on the island is due to the friendliness of its inhabitants, exquisite gastronomic specialities and above all it’s the miraculous waters. Splendid thermal water springs flow almost everywhere on the island. The tradition of thermal treatments goes back to the 1960s on Ischia, when tourists from all over the world, travelled on the island to enjoy the beneficial purifying energizing effects of these miraculous waters. Hot under soil vents emitting stream can be found almost everywhere on the island, especially on the southern side towards the beach of Maronti (fumarole) and in the area of Panza, a small hamlet in the town of Forio. Systematic wafts, blistering soil and sulphurous fumes are evidence of the tales of myths, of the activity of the hidden giant, not yet dormant. Until recently, in the area of the Fumarole, chicken and potatoes could be baked a meter deep in the hot sand and during the day it is possible to cuddle down into a pampering hot sand bath. The antique thermea Cavascura containing natural baths dug from the tuff rock and a natural steam sauna, is a little further along the beach. The whole gorge is a picturesque place with various naturally sculpted rocks, shaped by rain and wind creating an almost lunar landscape. The bay of Sorgeto in the area of Panza is an unforgettable experience at night, and you will feel as if being in a natural wide-screen open-air cinema offering an emotional evening beneath a roof of heavenly stars. This pleasant area, hidden in a small cove is reached by a very steep flight of steps which descend down the hillside to the sea below. This entrance is only suitable for the fit and healthy as the steps are very steep and rather long. Another easier access to this cove is by taxi boats from the harbour of Sant’Angelo. The cove is a magical place formed by stone cliffs and water offering the surprising discovery that the seawater is warm. A stratum of thermal water beneath the bay of Sorgeto mixing with the colder sea water above, allows for bathing even in the coldest months of the year. You can feel free to swim in the center of a natural swimming pool and maybe enjoy lunch at the bar in this small bay. Other than these natural phenomenons, there are also spas set in the local vegetation where pools and waterfalls have been carefully sculpted from the rock.

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Not many are aware that Naples is home the the world renowned Pizza! The first pizza ever created was dedicated to Princess Margherita of Naples, and it was bestowed to her from a man at that time considered the lowest level of society. The first pizza was made of wheat, water and tomato. Today, many more ingredients have been added to the pizza, but only in this city will you discover the actual real taste of such a simplistic but delicious dish. Naples is also a city that is connected to its religious roots. Neapolitans are passionate believers and have built countless of beautiful churches spread about the small streets of the old city.  As you turn the corner, and venture towards the middle of a crowded street, don’t be surprised if you run into a Baroque white marble finely decorated church. Yes, the grandeur of Baroque.  A typical evening tour of Naples would be comprised of the sampling of Neapolitan ice cream, a walk on the seaside as you gaze upon and listen to street musicians playing Italian love songs… or  you can choose to take a ride (by car or bicycle) to the upper part of the city and experience a breathtaking view overlooking the Gulf.  Within our excursions, we include the possibility of visiting several of the churches and many of the museums of the city. Naples’ National Archeological Museum is considered one of the most important museum’s of its kind in the world, with works of the Renaissance, the Romans, and the Greeks of the highest caliber.  And if that is not enough, the house of the Royal family has been converted into a museum. A must see spot when visiting Naples.

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All roads lead to Rome… All roads lead to Italy. It’s our motto and it is taken from this Roman proverb because during the time of the Empire the city was very active in specifically building roads that were strategically routed, connected, and all leading to the capital of the Empire.  Some of the important history of the city has been lost in time and only through our excursions, will you discover some of Rome’s immense hidden and forgotten secrets. Home to one of the greatest empires of all times, The Romans have spread the seed of culture and citizenship all over Europe.  Today, it is vital to keep the history and the roots of Europe in its past glories alive, so that we can learn and walk informed towards the future. Rome once stood as the capital of  huge and mighty Empire (from Spain to Iraq). The architecture of the city holds a history of many centuries from IIIth century BC to the new born Republic of Italy in 1948. The presence of fascist monuments, the grandeur of the Roman Empire buildings and the historical dominance of the Church make this city one of the great wonders of the world. Today, the Vatican has its small but independent state within the city itself,  and from this location every Sunday Pope Francis blesses the population of the city as well as the entire world.

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