We are more than willing to organize on request tours for our guests throughout Italy to discover more of the spectacular and enriching art, culture, food experience that you will never find anywhere else in the world. Please check out our itineraries, and make sure to ask us for any possible customization. We are here for you.

Day 1

Morning pick up by your Sweet Travel tour bus and guide. A short tour around the city by bus, where your guide will explain the most important monuments. We will journey toward the Roman Castles to meet our first vineyard: Colle Picchioni. The Colle Picchioni vineyard is renowned for pouring their wine on the table of the Vatican, with a history behind this brand of three generations of family winemaking. We will tour the Colle Picchioni vineyard, meet the winemakers and enjoy lunch together. In the afternoon we will visit the 17th Century Papal Palace of Castel Gandolfo, the Summer residence of the Pope.  You will be invited to take tons of photographs and take walk by yourself in this historic town with an astonishing view overlooking Lake Albano. Later, you will be picked up by our tour bus and returned to your hotel.

Day 2

Pick up in the morning by our tour bus and guide. Together, we will discover another vineyard, Santa Benedetta, located in the area of Frascati and Grottaferrata, it is one of the oldest and most exclusive vineyards in the region. The winery is actually an ex convent, 300 years ago, where nuns used to live and pray. The property is the same since centuries and nowadays hosts a beautiful home museum. As we tour the vineyard we will learn about the Malvasia, Bellone, and Trebbiano Toscano grapes, the kind of grapes that produces spectacular wines, and together we will view their garden where all possible vegetables grow abudantly. We will then have lunch and taste the products of the garden for an unforgettable culinary experience. In the afternoon, we will discover the town of Frascati, home of one astonishing palace: Aldobrandini palace. After the visit of the palace gardens, we will then visit of the Frascati centre, have some delicious Italian coffee, and then head back to our hotel.

Day 3

Pick up in the morning with the tour bus and guide  to discover another vineyard in the Roman Castles. This time we head toward the Colle Marchese vineyard, a spectacular country side roman villa full of charm in the heart of Roman Castles. Here the smooth hills are home of this amazing wine brand. We will tour the scenic courtyard and picturesque villa before the wine tasting. We will then have lunch together with the winemakers and discuss the peculiar roman sculptures that have been found in their property. In the afternoon, we will discover the town of Ariccia, to taste some local “porchetta” and wine, a classical italian apéritif that is not to be missed! Then, after the sunset we will head back to the hotel.


The tour includes:

  • Transfer bus all day with private bus driver
  • Private english/chinese/russian guide who will help you meet the italian families and the knowledge of the wine making available every day for approx 7 hrs
  • All luxury lunches included wine and water
  • 1 Starter (wine, water and different italian delicacies)
  • Entrances into attractions or churches

The tour does not include:

  • Hotel accomodation
  • Dinners where not included
  • Ticket entrances where not included
  • Tips to the guide and the bus driver

Available departures

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All roads lead to Rome… All roads lead to Italy. It’s our motto and it is taken from this Roman proverb because during the time of the Empire the city was very active in specifically building roads that were strategically routed, connected, and all leading to the capital of the Empire.  Some of the important history of the city has been lost in time and only through our excursions, will you discover some of Rome’s immense hidden and forgotten secrets. Home to one of the greatest empires of all times, The Romans have spread the seed of culture and citizenship all over Europe.  Today, it is vital to keep the history and the roots of Europe in its past glories alive, so that we can learn and walk informed towards the future. Rome once stood as the capital of  huge and mighty Empire (from Spain to Iraq). The architecture of the city holds a history of many centuries from IIIth century BC to the new born Republic of Italy in 1948. The presence of fascist monuments, the grandeur of the Roman Empire buildings and the historical dominance of the Church make this city one of the great wonders of the world. Today, the Vatican has its small but independent state within the city itself,  and from this location every Sunday Pope Francis blesses the population of the city as well as the entire world.

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