Enter in one of the oldest museums of the world where artefacts from ancient times collected by Popes have been stored along the centuries. Enjoy it with one of our art specialist, or discover it by yourself with the help of audio guide. In any case the thrilling experience to get lost in this museum like “Da Vinci Code” is another of the Sweet Travel experiences you must do before you die…

We offer the possibility of being picked up at your hotel in the morning to spend a calm day between the Roman Forum, in the center of the city, and the masterpieces collected in Vatican Museums. Feel free to enquire for best solution for you and your family /friends. To districate yourself in Rome is not an easy path, so as our main staff is italian let us deal with all the tricky things and enjoy at full the italian beauties…

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All roads lead to Rome… All roads lead to Italy. It’s our motto and it is taken from this Roman proverb because during the time of the Empire the city was very active in specifically building roads that were strategically routed, connected, and all leading to the capital of the Empire.  Some of the important history of the city has been lost in time and only through our excursions, will you discover some of Rome’s immense hidden and forgotten secrets. Home to one of the greatest empires of all times, The Romans have spread the seed of culture and citizenship all over Europe.  Today, it is vital to keep the history and the roots of Europe in its past glories alive, so that we can learn and walk informed towards the future. Rome once stood as the capital of  huge and mighty Empire (from Spain to Iraq). The architecture of the city holds a history of many centuries from IIIth century BC to the new born Republic of Italy in 1948. The presence of fascist monuments, the grandeur of the Roman Empire buildings and the historical dominance of the Church make this city one of the great wonders of the world. Today, the Vatican has its small but independent state within the city itself,  and from this location every Sunday Pope Francis blesses the population of the city as well as the entire world.

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