Wine exploration in Italy part II°

Dear Friends,

after the success in Campania region, I could not return to office and decided to continue along an old roman street. The Old Appia street connects the southern part of Italy to Rome, the capital, since the beginning of times… This old road, now has been overpassed by the fast highway that connects Rome to Naples in a couple of hours and Rome to Brindisi in not more then 4 hours. But still… along this road you will find the real italian nature about wines. There is a lake in the souther Lazio region, with a peculiar shape: rounded one. By this lake, more then XV centuries ago the Pope decided to build the summer palace for the Vatican eminencies. A little borgo was born by this unaccessible palace surrounded by towers and swiss guards that make wonder what century are we in… The surroundings of the lake are dedicated to wine productions. I decided I wanted to know most of them (or simply who would open the door to me!) and started by calling one by one the different families (always families, not speculative companies) that have owned those lands for minimum three generations. It means the grandparents of the actual owners were already doing the same thing: wine making. I come from southern Italy, my approach is warm and kind, open and curious: this kind of nature was appreciated by all these folks with their heavy weight of history on their shoulders. Some feel it lighter some others struggle. Everybody smiles. This is the trick.

Inside small gates, sometimes very big properties hide. And many times I have been wondering in these roads, looking for a street sign. I don’t use google maps, I hate the gps. My studies and general culture has taught me to trust my instinct when on travel and do mistakes because they lead often to the best surprises.

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